Sun and Fun at the 9th Annual AIS-Salzburg Sports Day

May 9, 2024

On May 1st, the 9th Annual AIS-Salzburg Sports Day was met with sun and high spirits, as students were divided into 6 teams and competed for the coveted Sports Day Trophy. Each team was led by a teacher and a resident assistant—who were also eligible to compete—and wore different coloured t-shirts representing and identifying their team.

In the morning, teams competed in badminton, ball hockey, basketball, volleyball, and running events. In the afternoon, competitions featured soccer, high jump, long jump, fun competitions, and were capped off with a relay race. For team events, 5 points were awarded to the winner, with 4 points to second place, 3 points to third place, and so on. For individual or pair events, 3 points were awarded to the winner, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place. 

At the end of the day, points were tallied up and the top three teams received prizes.  The team with the most points also received the Sports Day trophy. 

This year, the AIS-Salzburg Sports Day champions were once again Team Red, who won for the second year in a row. Team Red was led by Mr. Lichty and resident assistant Matt, whose names will be engraved into the trophy for historical reference. Below are the final standings and points that were earned. 

1st Place with 41 points: Team Red led by Mr. Lichty, RA Matt 
2nd Place with 33 points: Team Lavender led by Ms. Baehler and RA Abby
3rd Place with 27 points: Team Kelly Green led by Mr. Leicher and RA Arabella
4th Place with 21 points: Team Black led by Mr. Anderson and RA Nick
5th Place with 18 points: Team Navy led by Mr. Gahan and RA Ali
6th Place with 17 points: Team Royal Blue led by Mr. Suttmann and RA Tom Henry

We are very pleased with the great sportsmanship and positive attitudes shown throughout the day. We invite you to view the photos and video below from this beautiful day of competition.