After reviewing information concerning our academic and social programs, admissions requirements, and—more generally—what benefits are realized by those who join our exciting and dedicated community here in beautiful Salzburg, Austria, you may decide you would like to apply for admission. 

Be certain, first, that all of your most important questions have been answered by our competent and very experienced staff of administrators. Then, follow the steps below to successfully submit an admissions application for review.

We do not have an application deadline and application materials can be sent in at any time. 

If you require a visa to enter Austria, you will need to obtain a student visa from the nearest Austrian Consulate to your place of residence before arriving for the school year in September. Since this can take up to 8 weeks, it is suggested that the application be submitted before the end of June.  For application purposes, copies or scans of transcripts or other official documents are sufficient.  Please do not send original documents as a part of your admissions application.  Upon acceptance, original, certified transcripts will be requested and filed in the office. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time; we’d be pleased to assist you and answer your questions.

Application Process


Please fill out this Student Application Form and send it to: [email protected]

Also, include in the email:

  • a photograph
  • copies (not originals!) of your transcripts from your present school including (a) a copy of the most-recently completed school year and (b) grade reports received for the current school year.  These should be translated into English.


Request that your most-recent English and Mathematics teachers fill out this English Teacher Recommendation Form and this Mathematics Teacher Recommendation Form and send them directly to [email protected] .


If you are a non-native English speaker and are not applying from a school or program in which English is the language of instruction, please send the results of an English proficiency test or exam taken in the previous three months.  This can be an IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL/TOEFL Junior examination or other approved evaluation.  If you plan on visiting our campus, English testing can be done here during your visit.


The application fee of €75 can be transferred to the AIS-Salzburg account.  Here is the information required for such transfers.  Checks are also accepted.

The American International School-Salzburg
Raiffeisenverband Salzburg
Moosstrasse 13, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
IBAN: AT84 3500 0000 0814 5054

Tuition and Fees

Full-Boarding Students:

Grade Tuition
Down Payment
For Enrollment


(due 30 days after invoicing)
7 & 8 €38,000.00 €9,500.00 €28,500.00
9 – 12 €40,000.00 €10,000.00 €30,000.00
Post-Grad €41,000.00 €10,250.00 €30,750.00
Returning boarding students pay €2,000 less than the published fees annually. 


5-Day Boarding Students:

Grade Tuition
Down Payment
For Enrollment
Balance due
Sept. 1
7 & 8 €36,000.00 €9,000.00 €27,000.00
9-12 €38,000.00 €9,500.00 €28,500.00
Post-Grad €39,000.00 €9,750.00 €29,250.00
Returning 5-day boarding students pay €2,000 less than the published fees annually. 


Day Students:

Grade Tuition
Down Payment
(due 30 days after invoicing)


(Due Sept.1, Dec 1, Feb. 1)
7 & 8 €15,000.00 €3,7500.00 €3,750.00 x 3
9 – 12 €16,000.00 €4,000.00 €4,000.00 x 3
11/12 €17,000.00 €4,250.00 €4,250.00 x 3
Returning day students pay €1,000 less than the published fees annually. 

Included in Tuition

All classroom instruction incl. electives and physical education x x x
English tutorial assistance if required x x x
German language instruction x x x
Accommodation in school dormitories x x  
All textbooks and literature x x x
Three meals per day & healthy snacks x Weekdays Lunch
Use of library and computer lab x x x
Health care and coordination with health officials x x x
Physical education uniform x x x
Accident insurance x x x
University counseling x x x
24-hour supervision x x  
Teacher-led tutorials x x x
One 5-day and one 4-day excursion in Europe x x  
Trimester formal banquets x x x
Academic field trips x x x
Wide variety of weekend activities x    
Five ski trips to destinations in the Austrian Alps x    

Additional Costs

Cost Required for Amount


Application Fee all applicants €75.00 Due upon application to AIS-Salzburg
Laundry Fee all full boarders €225.00 €75 per trimester for full boarders
Incidentals Account all full boarders €1,500.00 Incidental funds available for child managed by the school accounting office; balance sent trimesterly.

Other Possible Expenses

Cost Amount


Athletics fee €100.00 per team sport season
Visa costs various costs associated with obtaining required visa
Health insurance €1400.00 health insurance required by authorities for visa
Elective course fees various some elective courses (e.g., music, German language tutorials, etc) carry extra fees
At-cost activities various some weekend activities organized and offered carry extra costs

Payment Schedule

When parents and students are informed of acceptance to AIS-Salzburg, invoices for the appropriate tuition and fees are sent by the school accountant. The tuition down payment (25% to total tuition and fees) must be received by the school within 30 days of the invoicing date. All further tuition payment must be completed before September 1 for all full- and five-day boarders. Day student tuition is paid trimesterly with rates due on the first business day of each new trimester.

The school reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% and a processing fee on all overdue invoices and to deny the student’s right to attend classes, participate in school-organized activities and functions, remain resident in the school’s dormitories, receive official school reports of progress and transcripts, or remain on the school’s campus should tuition not be paid in due time.

AIS-Salzburg rewards returning students with a discount on the published tuition and fee rate annually at the following rates:

Returning boarding students: € 2,000 off published tuition and fees

Returning 5-day boarding students: € 2,000 off published tuition and fees

Returning day students: € 1,000 off published tuition and fees

Tuition Policy for Boarders Restricted From Travel For The Fall of 2020

For boarding students who have been accepted and have made a down payment, yet are unable to travel to the school because of government restrictions, tuition will be revised based upon eventual enrollment and residency at the school. On a weekly basis, such students will be charged the day student tuition rate as published in the AIS-Salzburg brochure for the 2020-2021 school year. This weekly tuition will be covered by the previous down payment received so that no further tuition payments are required unless this period of restriction from travel extends beyond the end of the Fall Trimester (November 27, 2020). As soon as restrictions are lifted and the student arrives at the school, a new invoice will be calculated based upon the number of weeks of online instruction plus the remaining year as a full boarder at the respective rates. This payment must be made upon arrival and the start of residency.


Please do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email with any questions.

+43662824617 / [email protected]



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