Resident Life

Boarding at AIS-Salzburg

In order for our students to meet their academic demands with success, a safe, caring, and structured environment is essential. Many boarding schools have behavioral and social expectations quite similar to ours which can be found in the school’s Parent and Student Handbook. However, it is our experience that many boarding schools are unwilling to enforce them to the degree necessary to provide the necessary habits of study and respect for others required in an international community. At AIS-Salzburg, students can expect that the requirements discussed in the handbook are carried out and that the resident staff, faculty, and administration see compliance as fundamental and an essential requirement in our efforts to achieve our mission. Whether it is checking that the rooms are clean in the mornings and before evening study hall, or providing a quiet and studious atmosphere during the evening study hall, we do what is necessary to ensure that every student is placed in an environment which is reliably structured and provides appropriate care and concern.

All students have a certain amount of free time each day and can leave campus (with parents permission and sign-out) during this time. As a small, boarding school, it is essential, we feel, that our students be entrusted to enjoy themselves away from the direct supervision of adults provided they uphold our expectations during this time. Therefore, free time off campus is enjoyed by all students provided they have met the five fundamental expectations each day. These include (1) no study hall violations occurred the night before, (2) no lights out violations occurred the night before, (3) all homework was completed and turned in for the day, (4) the room met tidiness requirements when checked, and (5) the dress code was respected.

Care and Supervision

No student can truly achieve what they are ultimately capable of in a boarding school or elsewhere without an appropriate amount of support, care, and direction. AIS-Salzburg has always been and will remain a small, intimate, and personal boarding school with a very familiar atmosphere and climate. Each and every student is known personally by everyone at the school from the Headmaster on down. No one feels out-of-place or lost. The resident staff, especially, expends a great amount of time getting to know the students, their personalities, and their characters; identifying both their talents and strengths as well as their less-developed habits and weaknesses. In such an environment, everyone feels a part of the program and an essential member of the community. This, then, provides them with the calm and comfort necessary to be able to focus on the challenging academic expectations.


At the American International School-Salzburg, over 85% of the students are enrolled as full or five-day boarders. This makes AIS-Salzburg a true boarding school where the entire academic, social and recreational program, as well as the school calendar, is established with this fact in mind. As a coed educational program, we have residential facilities for both boys and girls at all grade levels.

The girls dormitory floors include a majority of double rooms, a handful of triple rooms, and two single rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom and shower and most were very recently renovated. the boys’ dormitory includes an equal proportion of double and triple rooms as well as two single rooms. The boys’ rooms also include their own shower and bathroom en suite.

The resident staff is assigned accommodation on each of the student floors and are available during all non-academic hours.