Welcome to The American International School - Salzburg

Established in 1976, AIS-Salzburg is an international, college-preparatory boarding school for students in grades 7 through 12 with an optional post-graduate, 13th year available. Our school is designed to remain small with a student body of around 100 students at full capacity in order to enhance individual guidance and instruction. Our long-term teaching faculty work closely with our resident-care staff to establish a familiar atmosphere where every student feels cared for personally and appropriately challenged academically.

The city of Salzburg is world-renowned for its cultural heritage and intimate beauty.  Nestled in the foothills of the Austrian Alps and on the border with Bavaria, Salzburg sits in the middle of Western Europe and equidistant from major European cities such as Berlin, Paris and Rome.  The physical beauty of the city of Salzburg with its Baroque charm, as well as the countryside with its lakes and mountains, offers a uniquely beautiful setting for our students.  With a population of just under 150,000, Salzburg itself is small enough to quickly get acquainted with and large enough—as the provincial capital—to have all of the amenities and necessary infrastructure to meet our students’ needs.  Three large hospitals, an international airport, and outstanding sports facilities are close at hand.

Message from the Headmaster

To those of us who have the great fortune to live and work in this unique and lovely school, the honor of offering you this overview of our beautiful location, our academic and social programs, and our talented and dedicated students and staff, is a challenging proposition to say the least. Only those who have had the opportunity to experience life and learning in this unforgettable and timeless city can truly understand what an international education in a boarding school can provide and how it can equip a student not only for the challenges of university but bring out hidden talents and further an understanding of our world which is truly global and universal.

Living and attending school abroad will challenge your beliefs, excite your senses, and broaden your mind like nothing else. For the thousands of students who have attended AIS-Salzburg over the years, I am absolutely certain that the events they experienced here, the diversity of the students with whom they studied, and the remarkable dedication of their teachers left a mark upon them which they continue to carry today. It is the mark of wisdom, discernment, and fairness which can only come through experiencing life and studying abroad. I hope that you, too, have an interest in experiencing a challenging educational opportunity abroad. There is much to say about AIS-Salzburg because it encompasses all of life: learning; living; travelling and sharing experiences together; and preparing for the future ahead. It‘s a lot to think about, but as every student in our school knows, life was never more interesting or challenging than while enrolled at AIS-Salzburg.