Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

What are the academic requirements for admission to AIS-Salzburg?

AIS-Salzburg accepts students with above-average academic ability proven by previous school transcripts.  If the applicant is a non-native English speaker, a recent English proficiency examination is required as a part of the application process and must prove a standard of proficiency above the minimum required.  The admissions committee looks closely at previous mathematics and English study history and results as well.  As a purely college-preparatory school, the applicant’s previous academic history should demonstrate a very strong desire to enter university studies upon graduation.  Since our diploma is based upon academic credits earned in grades 9 through 12, a credit check and transfer is an important part of the admissions process. Further, more particular information can be found here:

What is included in a complete application to AIS-Salzburg?

  1. A completed Student Application Form
  2. Two teacher recommendations:  in mathematics and English
  3. Submission of the previous years’ school transcripts as well as present-year academic reports (copies only).
  4. A recent (within three months) English proficiency examination if the applicant is not an English native-speaker or is not applying from a school in which English is the language of instruction.
  5. Payment of €75.00 application fee.

All of the above-mentioned documents can be downloaded or uploaded here:

What is the minimum English level requirement for admission to AIS-Salzburg?

  • Grades 7 and 8:  A2 to B1 minimally
  • Grade 9:  B1 minimally
  • Grade 10:  B2 minimally
  • Grades 11 and 12:  C1 minimally

Is there a deadline for applications to AIS-Salzburg?

There is no deadline for application to AIS-Salzburg and application documentation can be received at any time throughout the year.  For those who require a visa to enter Austria, the application process should be completed before the end of June for enrollment in September.  This allows sufficient time to obtain the visa from the Austrian authorities.

What English proficiency examination scores are acceptable as a part of my application to AIS-Salzburg?

The admissions committee will accept results from any of the following English proficiency examinations: TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, Cambridge, IELTS and SLEP.  We also offer our own examination which can be taken when visiting our campus.

What is included in the tuition and fees at AIS-Salzburg?

At AIS-Salzburg, we try to include as much as possible within the tuition and fees schedule for full- and five-day boarders as well as day students.   Aside from instruction, guidance, room and board, and a wide variety of events and activities, we also include all textbooks and literature, two multi-day excursions to locations across Europe, ski/snowboarding trips, and guidance and care provided by a dual staff of faculty members as well as resident-care staff members.  All tuition and fees are listed for the entire, 9-month school year.  Items not included are costs associated with obtaining a visa (if required), laundry costs, a €100.00 athletics fee, and some fees attached to a few elective courses.  For detailed information, please see:

What is your tuition policy with regards to students who join after the start of the school year?

For students that apply and enroll after the start of the school year as full or five-day boarders, the tuition is adjusted by taking the total number of weeks that enrollment will include and billing only for this period of enrollment at the school.

  1. A down payment may not be required if the student applies and is accepted within 30 days of the start of enrollment. Instead, the full tuition amount is billed forthwith.
  2. If a visa is required for entry into Austria, the application procedure must be successfully concluded within 60 days of the start of enrollment. The school will issue necessary visa documentation upon reception of the down payment and enrollment agreement.

When can I visit AIS-Salzburg?

Visits to the school are welcome at any time during the school year when the office staff and administration is present.  We would be pleased to show you around campus, have a sit-down discussion with the headmaster, review your academic history and conduct a short interview.  If you would also like to join our classes for the day, we will arrange this as well as schedule English testing if necessary.  To schedule a visit, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone at [email protected] or +43 662 824617.  A video conference with the headmaster is also possible for those who cannot travel to Salzburg.

How long does it take to receive the application decision once everything is submitted to AIS-Salzburg?

Once the completed application materials have been received by the school, a decision is made within one week or less and you will be contacted by the school staff by email with this decision.  If the decision is positive, further information and invoicing will also accompany the decision and acceptance letter.

To which universities can I gain acceptance with the AIS-Salzburg High School Diploma?

AIS-Salzburg is an American international school, as the name states.  Our diploma is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is acceptable throughout North America and any other university accredited in North America overseas.  However, AIS-Salzburg graduates can also gain acceptance to universities and colleges worldwide by completing the required number of Advanced Placement® (ap)Examinations with passing grades along with their diploma as well as meeting whatever language requirements may exist.  Since AP® courses are a part of the regular academic program, nearly every graduate will meet the minimum requirements for study in the UK and many other European university programs.  Presently, approximately one-third of our graduates matriculate to North American universities—primarily in the U.S. and Canada; one-third matriculate to UK universities and colleges; and the final third gain access to universities in continental Europe (primarily the Austrian and German national universities) and elsewhere worldwide.

Do I need a visa to study at AIS-Salzburg?

If you do not carry a European Union passport, you will need a student visa to reside and study at AIS-Salzburg as a boarding student.  AIS-Salzburg is guaranteed student visas for all boarding students by Austrian law.  
If you are allowed to enter Austria without a visa, the visa application will be made here in Salzburg with the assistance of our office staff in early September.  Several translated documents need to be submitted beforehand, including a birth certificate, passport photos and an official police statement of no criminal record.  Further health documentation may also be required.
 If you cannot enter Austria without a visa, you must apply and receive this at the nearest Austrian Consulate to your place of residence.  The school office will supply the necessary documents and securities for this process once the down payment for tuition has been received.  The Austrian authorities require that a health insurance policy be subscribed to which covers all costs associated with any health issues while enrolled at the school and resident in Salzburg.   This health insurance must be provided by a recognized, Austrian insurance provider.  The school accounting office can provide further information on a policy offered by the Generali Insurance Corporation.  The cost for the required health insurance is approximately €360 per school year for EU students and €1,200.00 per school year for non-EU students. This is not included in the tuition and fees schedule.
For support with your visa application, contact our accounting department via the email below.

[email protected]

What is your refund policy?

The parents and guardians of the students accepted for admission at AIS-Salzburg receive an Admissions Agreement listing the terms of admission together with the other admissions documents. A copy of this agreement signed by the parents or guardians is to be returned to the school office together with the tuition down payment to confirm the parents’ and guardians’ decision to enroll their child at AIS-Salzburg. From the time the down payment of tuition is received, enrollment is confirmed and a space is reserved for boarders and 5-day boarders in the school’s dormitories.

Boarding Students​

Full-boarding and 5-day boarding students are accepted for one entire school year as published in the school calendar. No refunds of tuition or fees, other than the incidentals positive account balance, are made for withdrawal, absence, or dismissal from the school before the completion of the school year. Remaining tuition and fees paid to AIS-Salzburg
are forfeited in such cases.