Studio Art Students Create Paper Mache Monster Heads

February 9, 2023

Students from Mr. Mayerhofer’s Studio Art class were recently assigned a project to construct a paper mache comic head. Students first made two pencil drawings in their sketchbooks of both a side and front view of the head. They then had to plan out which material (cardboard, chicken wire, paper, balloons, etc.) they were going to use to construct the head.

During the construction phase, students bent and shaped their comic heads in preparation for the application of 5-10 layers of paper mache using glue that they made using wallpaper paste, wood glue, and water.  Students connect body parts to the head using hot glue before decorating the head with a coating of tempera or acrylic paint. 

We welcome you to watch the highlight video below of this project, with grade 9 student Sofia as the feature.