Math 11 Cumulative Graphing Project

April 9, 2020

The 11th grade precalculus class has been working on a cumulative graphing assignment that tasks them with re-creating an image using the graphs of different types of functions. The 2-week long project allowed students to apply hard-earned knowledge of parent functions and their transformations in a creative and artistic manner. All of the graphs have been entered into the Desmos Math Art Contest

The photo gallery below shows the original images they were attempting to re-create with the graphs. The video at the bottom shows the final graphs without the image in the background.

Students reflected on the assignment afterwards:

It was hard for me to get started because I couldn’t really see which functions I had to use for certain lines, and I was overwhelmed with the volume of work that seemed necessary to create the image. In the end though, I overcame these problems, and learned that the more I did, the easier it got, to the point where I could pretty much do it automatically, without having to pay much attention.”

Anna K.

With this project, we were able to study functions in more detail, their transformations, subtleties, and movements along the coordinate plane, with varying values to make functions fit the picture. In order to use as few functions as possible, we had to carefully select the desired type of function and try to capture as much of the image as possible with it.

Valeriya S.