Physics, Junior High Science, Chemistry

September 27, 2020

Physics – Group presentations

Students needed to inform the members of the class about the nature of Physics, applications of Physics in the real world, and why would anyone in high school need to take Physics. Each group had to choose an area of Physics to go into more detail about. The groups were responsible for producing a minimum of a three-minute commercial which will be presented to the class.

Junior High Science – Evolution and Natural Selection Group Assignment

  • The lab group represents a population of a single predatory species.
  • Beans represent a population of prey species.
  • The mat/towel represents the habitat in which the predators and prey live.
  • Heritable variation is present in both the predator and prey species.
  • In the predator population, variation consists of different utensils that are used to capture prey: fork, spoon, or knife. The prey population varies in color: glass beads, blue beads, and brown beans.
  • The environment (different colored mats and towels) varies across the different populations of predators and prey. 

The simulation will consist of three rounds of prey capture in which the predators capture as many beans as possible in 30 seconds. The number of prey captured is used to determine each predator’s fitness. The fitness of individual predators will determine the makeup of the next generation of predators. Before beginning the simulation, and following each round, each group will calculate the percentage of the predator and prey populations that have each trait.

Chemistry – Online simulation of the states of matter

Students identify and describe particle behavior as it relates to phase.


1. Describe differences and similarities between monatomic, diatomic, and polyatomic particle behavior.
2. Describe how the vapor pressure of a liquid or solid is measured.
3. Describe how changing the pressure or temperature can change the state of matter.
4. Given the position on a phase diagram from which the labels are all removed, identify the phase present and determine the microscopic behavior of molecules. And vice versa.