Benefits of Boarding at AIS-Salzburg

April 24, 2023

By: Egla H. 
Edit by: Marija B. 

During their free time, students at AIS-Salzburg can play soccer, volleyball, or basketball at a tournament, ski in the Alps, watch a film with their friends, or spend time with their friends in the city. But how do students feel living away from home, from their family, and around so many people?  

Many of us used to live with our siblings and other family members, but we never had the chance to live around so many people our own age. Also, living in a different country with a lot of different cultures takes work.

Life at AIS-Salzburg is challenging, engaging, and remains an adventure at the same time. Here students have the opportunity to socialize frequently because the number of students at AIS-Salzburg is smaller than in other schools. This small size is an advantage as students get to know each other intimately.  

Even though it’s challenging, I enjoy living with and being around many students. I like living and working here because I meet new people and build connections with peers and the resident life staff.

Photo: Students during the no-bake salsa and guacamole weekend activity. 

Living away from home and on campus in a dorm setting provides opportunities for personal growth. Boarding school students are able to develop life skills, such as time management, work ethic, and independence more than a student that lives at home.