Austria Loosens Restrictions as AIS-Salzburg Reports No New Cases

February 1, 2022

The news is a bit different this time around as we are presently in the midst of an unusual situation: while the numbers of those infected continues to rise, the government is taking steps toward lessening a number of restrictions and health-risk measures across the country. What might, at first glance, seem contradictory is due to the confirmed knowledge that the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is highly contagious, but the health consequences for those infected (and vaccinated) are much less serious than those associated with previous mutations.

The situation here at AIS-Salzburg is presently very positive and we’re hoping it stays this way. Last week at this time, we had two faculty members, three boarding students and two day students absent from classes due to quarantine requirements following positive infections. Today, we have only one resident student who is in quarantine and will be released later this afternoon; all others have been released from this restriction and are back in their classes. We are also very pleased to report that all those within our community who were infected experienced relatively mild symptoms with no serious complications or the need for professional medical assistance.

As of last Saturday, January 23rd, we have not had any positive antigen or PCR tests reported. We continue, however, to test on a daily basis. Although it might be tempting to state that the wave has now passed over us, this may not be the case and there remains the need to be very careful and prudent in our actions and behaviors for the time being.

We invite you to read the entire Corona Update sent out to our community yesterday, which includes details on the loosening of restrictions and planning at AIS-Salzburg moving forward.