Timeline for Admissions

  1. Applications with references and transcripts can be submitted to AIS-Salzburg at any time between September and May for enrollment in September.
  2. Appointments to visit the school can be arranged whenever school is in session and is highly encouraged.  During the visit, English testing for non-native English speaking students can be arranged.  Student applicants can also join our classes for a ‘taste’ of the academic program and instruction at AIS-Salzburg.
  3. Submit an approved English test of proficiency at any time during the admissions process.  Upon reception, the test result should not be more than three months old.  English testing can be done with an approved examination at a testing center, with our partners, or here at the school during a visi
  4. When a student is accepted to AIS-Salzburg, a letter of admission is sent to the parents or guardians and invoicing for the down payment of tuition and fees is also sent.  This down payment represents approximately 25% of the full tuition and fees.  Once this is received by our accountants, the school sends any documentation required in case a visa must be applied for outside of Austria.
  5. If a visa is required (all students who are required to have a visa to enter Austria), application at the nearest Austrian Consulate should be made during the first half of June.  Although visas for all students are guaranteed, it can take around 8 weeks to receive it.
  6. As of the start of enrollment in September, all remaining tuition and fees are due.  Additionally, any student who does not have an EU nation’s citizenship will need to submit documentation to apply for their student visa here in Salzburg.  These include a birth certificate, statement of health from authorities, a statement from local police authorities of no criminal record, and a passport photo page copy.  All of these documents should be translated into German.

If you have any questions concerning this admissions timetable, please let us know.