Frequently Asked Questions For Partners

In having many relationships with partners ever since the school was founded in 1976, we are aware that there are a number of standard questions, the answers to which are important for representatives.  This short FAQ is published to help provide some answers to common questions that our partners frequently ask.  If your question is not represented here, do not hesitate to give us a call at +43 662 824617 or write to [email protected]


Why is an American boarding school in Salzburg, Austria?

AIS-Salzburg, like many international schools worldwide, offers an English-language based college preparatory education to students aged 12 to 18 in countries and regions where English is not the native language.  Therefore, AIS-Salzburg is one of the thousands of international schools whose numbers continue to grow annually.  We are one of the international schools that offers a full-boarding program unlike most international schools who offer day tuition only.  This makes AIS-Salzburg available for any student worldwide to come here and complete their secondary education.  AIS-Salzburg is the first and oldest international boarding school in Austria, being founded in 1976.


Are you connected with the many AIS schools around the world?

No we are not.  This is a common, but mistaken, assumption.  Many schools worldwide are called, ‘American International School-xxxx’.  This simply declares that this particular school offers an American-based curricular program with (most commonly) American-trained educators teaching in English, in a location outside of the United States.  Therefore, AIS-Vienna, AIS-Budapest, AIS-Lagos, etc., etc.  Although our schools have many commonalities in terms of curriculum, philosophy and staffing, we are not, in any other way, associated officially or directed cooperatively.


When is the deadline for applications during the school year?

AIS-Salzburg has a rolling admissions policy; we accept applications throughout the entire year.  Students who require a visa to enter Austria, however, should complete the application and enrollment procedure before the start of June for the start of the school year in September due to the length of time it can take to receive the student visa from the Austrian authorities (see also #16 below).


What are the admissions requirements at AIS-Salzburg?

AIS-Salzburg accepts students who (a) have above-average grade proven by official transcripts, (b) have strong average grade results in mathematics and English language courses, (c) can show evidence of strong study habits and motivation to achieve, (d) can demonstrate significant involvement in extracurricular activity, (e) strongly desire to attend an international student body, and (f) have clear goals for university study following graduation.  More particularly, students whose native language is not English, must also prove minimum proficiencies in English as follows:  Grade 7-8—A2 to B1; Grade 9—B1 or higher; grade 10—B2 or higher; and grades 11 and 12—C1.


How much are tuition and fees for a school year at AIS-Salzburg?

Tuition and fee rates are divided into three grade-level groups:  grades 7/8 and 9-12.  These tuition and fees cover all room and board for the entire school year, all instruction and guidance, all textbooks and PE uniforms as well as two excursions, ski trips and other weekend activities as well as accident insurance.

For a complete breakdown of tuition and fees, click here.

What nationalities compose the student body in a typical school year at AIS-Salzburg?

The student body at AIS-Salzburg is very international and no nationality makes up a majority of the students.  Around 60-75% of the students are European with many coming from Eastern European nations, around 15-25% are native English speakers and many students join AIS-Salzburg after having previously been enrolled in an international school or other program in which English is the language of instruction.  An average of 25 different nationalities compose our student body each year.


Where do graduates of AIS-Salzburg attend university?

Nearly 100% of the students who graduate from our halls go on to university studies afterwards.  In the past 10 years, approximately one-third of the graduates attend university in North America, one-third in the UK and the last third go to universities in continental Europe.  Depending upon one’s credentials, including test scores and linguistic abilities, AIS-Salzburg students can be accepted around the world for tertiary studies.  Many of our graduates gain admission to very selective universities in Europe and North America. To view a list of recent acceptances, click here

What diploma is offered by AIS-Salzburg upon completion of the program?

AIS-Salzburg offers an American college-preparatory education and awards an American High School Diploma to those who successfully complete all requirements.  This American High School Diploma, coupled with Advanced Placement® Examinations allow our students to be accepted to university programs worldwide.  The school’s curriculum and diploma are accredited officially by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the USA.


What languages can students study during enrollment?

All students at AIS-Salzburg are required to take German language courses at a full-time level each and every year of enrollment at the school (5 hours per week throughout the school year).  Additionally, students can choose language studies in French, Spanish and Italian through the elective program.  All students at the school at all grade levels have two courses daily (2 hours) of English instruction.

What languages are offered during the AIS-Salzburg Summer Language Program?

We offer instruction at 20 hours per week during three, two-week summer sessions in July and August in English and German at many levels with boarding possible in our dormitories.

Do you offer language programs during the school year (September to May)?

Because the regular school year calendar is from early September through the end of May, we do not offer additional language studies outside of the summer months of July and August.

How much does the summer language program cost and are there any additional costs?

Costs for two weeks of instruction in July or August in either German or English can be found on our Summer Program page.  Charges cover absolutely all activities, instruction, room and board, outings, excursions, textbooks, transfers, etc.  Students only need a bit of pocket money for personal purchases while enrolled in our summer language program.

Does AIS-Salzburg sign legal agreements with partners for recruitment purposes?  What are the terms of these agreements?

We do sign agreements with those who wish to become our partners and assist us with student recruitment.  To receive information on the details of our agreements and cooperation, please fill out our Partner Inquiry Form

Are agreements between AIS-Salzburg and recruitment partners exclusive or not?

We do not require exclusivity in our agreements with partners.


Does AIS-Salzburg make agreements with recruitment partners for enrollment in the summer language program?

Yes we do.  Our agreement covers recruitment for the school year as well as the summer language program.


Do the students require a visa to study at AIS-Salzburg?  

If the student does not have citizenship of a European Union nation, then they are required to have a year-long (9 month) student visa to attend AIS-Salzburg as a boarding student.  Students who cannot enter Austria without a visa must apply for the student visa during the summer months before enrollment at the nearest Austrian Consulate.  The school provides the necessary documents for this application and the Austrian government guarantees all visas for students at our school.  Once the first visa is received, it can be additionally extended by the school office staff each spring.  For students who can enter Austria without a visa, the student visa can be applied for here in Salzburg after their arrival and the start of the school year.  Students from around the world can attend our summer language program with a tourist visa.


What are the expectations for recruitment partners following enrollment?

Our agreement does require that our partners assist both the school and the clients during the period of enrollment.  This is especially necessary if the parents or guardians of the student enrolled do not speak or understand English very well.  However, please be aware that data protection laws require that the parents and guardians specifically allow third parties, including our partners, to receive personal data, including academic, health and other reports from the school.


Does AIS-Salzburg supply partners with materials for recruitment?  

Many materials such as photos, videos and documents are available to our partners for download in this Google Drive folder.  If you require further information or materials, just let us know at [email protected]

Will AIS-Salzburg participate in our student recruitment fairs?


Being a small international school, it is difficult for our administrative staff to travel frequently.  However, we understand the importance of providing the support and frequent contact and communication required between partners.  Therefore, we try to participate as often as possible and would be pleased to consider offers of participation in future events that would support our partner’s initiatives in their home markets.  Even if we cannot personally attend, we would be pleased to find ways of supporting your efforts through advertising or virtual representation.