Profile of our Graduates

Graduates of the American International School-Salzburg will demonstrate the following competencies:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Graduates who..

  • have intellectual capabilities, knowledge, and abilities which have been developed to a level that will serve them well in their continuing studies at university and beyond.-value knowledge and wisdom and the lifelong acquisition of the same.
  • can overcome obstacles and challenges through resourceful, creative and critical thinking and the utilization of resources.
  • have been acquainted and are familiar—at some essential level—with human knowledge gains in the social sciences, humanities, languages, natural sciences, and mathematics and understands that these areas of human understanding continue to grow and develop.
  • approach the study of new knowledge with interest, curiosity, care, discipline, and integrity.
  • can effectively balance and manage academic and personal demands.
  • are able to engage in critical evaluation and meaningful debate of theories and opinions and is able to discern between faulty and logical argumentation.

Communication and Language Skills

Graduates who…

  • can communicate effectively, reasonably, and clearly in both written and spoken English.
  • can engage in meaningful verbal or written debate, discussion and evaluation on a wide variety of topics with circumspection.
  • have knowledge of at least two foreign languages other than their native tongues and have thereby gained valuable insights into other cultures through the study of foreign languages and multicultural interaction.

Community Awareness and Involvement

Graduates who…

  • understand their civic responsibilities and commit themselves to the betterment of society.
  • are actively involved and offer their talents to the improvement of their community.
  • are able to effectively integrate themselves into an international community.

Personal Qualities

Graduates who…

  • demonstrate honesty, integrity, self-respect, self-discipline, kindness, and compassion.
  • make wise health choices, are emotionally stable, and value physical exercise.
  • respect and appreciate cultural diversity.
  • value human rights and are ethical in their interactions with others.