PoolRegular, organized physical education is a fundamental part of the curricular program at AIS-Salzburg and is required of all students during each trimester of enrollment. Given the high demands of the academic coursework and long hours in the classroom, it is especially important that our students receive the balancing effect of physical exercise. Therefore, physical education courses are both load and promotion requirements for all students.

Physical education courses take place every Wednesday morning from 07:55 to 09:45. Students are transported to the Rif Sports Center nearby by chartered busses. Each trimester, students elect the P.E. courses in which they would like to take part. If a student is on one of the competitive athletics teams, their physical education requirement will be a practice session. Courses can be changed at the start of each trimester and are committed to two hours of P.E. instruction weekly.

Healthy Lifestyle Requirement and Health Points

The staff and administration of the American International School-Salzburg believe that a student cannot be successful academically or socially unless they are physically fit and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, plenty of sleep, a nutritious diet, and avoiding unhealthy habits will contribute to higher grades, better concentration, improved focus, and the energy to pursue valuable goals with vigor. Developing healthy lifestyle choices and habits is a valuable life skill and pertinent not only to the time one may be enrolled in a boarding school but significantly influence one’s future happiness and well-being. One way of ensuring that AIS-Salzburg students develop these healthy habits is through our Healthy Lifestyle Requirement based upon the earning of health points.

Health points are utilized to determine if a student is meeting the school’s Healthy Lifestyle Requirement each trimester of enrollment. The Healthy Lifestyle Requirement demands that all full-boarding students earn 50 health points each week. 5-day boarders and day students must earn 40 health points per week. Points are earned through appropriate participation and involvement in the physical education courses, sports practices and weekend activities. Further health points are available through voluntary participation in the Get Fit! program which is held regularly after school hours and involves students in activity and exercise. Health points are deducted from a student’s total for unhealthy choices and poor health-related decisions as tobacco and alcohol violations, failure to attend required weekend activities, poor dietary habits, and lights out violations.

The Healthy Lifestyle Requirement appears as a course in all students’ schedules each trimester and is given a weekly grade which is based upon the health point requirements. The grade recorded in the PowerSchool® student information program is a percentage of health points earned divided by the number of health points required. These individual weekly grades are averaged for the final trimester term grade which is recorded on report cards and transcripts. Note that Healthy Lifestyle Requirement grades, like any other in credit-bearing courses, count towards a student’s grade-point average, promotion and graduation requirements, honor roll, and class rankings. All Healthy Lifestyle Requirement grades are registered on the student’s transcripts and become a permanent part of the student’s academic record. Promotion and graduation are risked when this requirement is not met fully.

Physical Education Attendance

All students at AIS-Salzburg must meet the school’s physical education requirement of two hours class time per week during each trimester of enrollment. Because most physical education courses are held on Wednesday mornings at the Salzburg University Sports Center, one absence is the equivalent of missing 9% of the class time in a given trimester; making it that much more important that all those who are able to participate do so and that non- participation be made up in order to earn credit in these required courses. All excused absences from physical education classes result in a loss of health points which determine the Healthy Lifestyle Requirement grade on student transcripts. Students have a two-week period of time to make up these health points through the Get Fit! program.

Physical Education Courses

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**For more detail on these courses please download this PE Course Offerings – Google Docs.

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