Winter Break

Students are off school early on Friday as of 12:40 and must depart the school by Saturday at 22:00. Departures should be scheduled no sooner than Friday at 13:00.

32nd Annual AIS-Salzburg Basketball Jamboree

Sportzentrum Rif Hartmannweg 4/6, Hallein, Austria

Since 1990, AIS-Salzburg has hosted a boys and girls basketball Jamboree in March which features teams from international schools from around Europe, typically out of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Sports Day

AIS-Salzburg will hold its 9th annual 'Sports Day' at the RIF Olympic Center. Each spring, the entire student body, administration, faculty, and resident staff are divided up into teams to participate in a full day of sporting and fun events. Point totals are tallied for each event and the team with the most points is […]