The department of mathematics has a mission to provide all students with a solid understanding of mathematical concepts and the ability to relate and apply mathematics to real-world situations. We strive to maximize our students abilities to solve multi-step problems with and without the aid of handheld technology, thus best preparing them for the ultimate pursuit of a career in mathematics or related fields.

The department of mathematics at AIS-Salzburg believes that mathematics is of the most interdisciplinary use and is therefore considered one of the core subject areas. All students at AIS-Salzburg must be enrolled in at least one full-credit mathematics course each year in the seventh and eight grades, and complete a minimum of three academic credits in mathematics in grades nine through twelve.

It is our goal to make the transition from Jr. High Mathematics to AP Calculus a smooth, seamless journey where the students are able to easily carry forward and relate the key concepts and ideas from their previous course.