AIS-Salzburg requires that all students enroll in two instructional hours of English coursework daily at all grade levels. This allows expanded focus on the English curricular content by spreading it over two periods as well as increasing the amount of both fiction and non-fiction reading experiences before graduation. Additionally, this allows a greater emphasis on all students’ English proficiency in grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. This is considered necessary and beneficial given the high number of non-native English speakers enrolled at AIS-Salzburg. Native English speakers benefit from this program in terms of greater reading comprehension, the refining and polishing of composition skills, and by gaining a more comprehensive level of preparation for AP examinations and SATs. One of the two required English courses at each grade level maintains a focus on works of fiction and literary analysis; the other on non-fiction writing, vocabulary and communication skills. Both sections include composition, vocabulary and grammar as instructional elements. Both of these courses are required each year for both promotion and graduation and are full-credit offerings. In the 12th grade, seniors have the option of enrolling in the AP Literature or English 12 Fiction course. The second required credit for seniors focuses on Western humanities.

The English department seeks to foster and appreciation of all genres of literature in each student so that they will be able to use spoken, written, and visual language to accomplish their own purposes. At the same time, we strive to make all students aware of the importance of having grammatically correct oral and written communication skills that will serve them throughout their academic lives and in their future careers. Since most of our classes are quite small, students receive individual attention and are expected to participate actively and responsibly in a team environment. In addition, students develop the abilities and skills necessary to work independently. This allows students to be successful as a part of a whole class, in a small group, as well as independently. The English department is supportive of interdepartmental activities and tries to relate studies in other departments to English. Finally, as we an English department in an international school with an international setting and student body, we find it appropriate to use our classes as a forum for the exploration of our differing cultural heritages, thereby increasing our understanding of each other and enriching our study of literature.