The AIS-Salzburg promotion and graduation requirements demand that all students be engaged in a minimum of one elective course annually while enrolled at the school. The elective program of courses is designed to better facilitate the creative and artistic development and further the particular interests and goals of our students in these areas.

Students in grades 7 and 8 (Junior High) are required to register into either the Drama or the Studio Art Elective, which meets twice weekly within their academic-day schedules (Period 7).  Enrollment in one of these two courses meets the school’s general requirements.  However, junior high students may choose to enroll in another elective as well, if desired.

Please note that all elective course offerings are dependent upon student interest at a minimum level. Generally, at least 7 students must be enrolled in group instruction electives. There will likely be some changes to the elective course offerings before the school year begins in September and final scheduling occurs.  The administration will update the elective program options over the summer months and inform the community of these changes. Please note that not all elective courses are included in tuition and fees.  Individual music lessons and German tutoring carry additional costs.  Please contact the school office for further information on these costs.