Welcome to AIS-Salzburg

AIS-Salzburg is an international, college-preparatory boarding school for students in grades 7 through 12. Our school is designed to remain small with a student body of around 100 students at full capacity in order to enhance individual guidance and instruction. Our long term teaching faculty work closely with our resident staff to establish a familiar atmosphere where every student feels cared for personally. 

Located in one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich cities in Western Europe and surrounded by over 65 ski resorts, we are able to provide our students with a wealth of experiences outside of the classroom. 

AIS-Salzburg focusses on education as a whole rather than just passing exams. The small class sizes, the international student body, the amazing school trips all of these helped to prepare me for university and for life in general. I went on to the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, to study Biochemistry and then on to the University of Cambridge, England, to do a PhD in Bone Metabolism which involved lots of travel to West Africa. 

Vickie Braithwaite, 2005 Graduate

AIS-Salzburg exposed me to so many new learnings and perspectives that I continue to use every day in my life. It was in chemistry class with Mr. Lenzini that I first fell in love with renewable energy and pursued further studies in university. And living in a diverse school, having to make friends with classmates, RA’s and teachers from 30 different countries and languages from around the world taught me perspective, diversity, and how to work with different people. 

David Arney, 2000 Graduate

I think the most important thing that AIS-Salzburg taught me and assisted with is getting out there, being curious, and not being afraid to leave my comfort zone. My advice to current students at AISS is to make close connections with teachers, there will be no such opportunity after high school, and it’s a tremendous support that you can get from them!

Anastasija Svarevska, 2017 Graduate

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