The science department at AIS-Salzburg has a mission to provide all students with the understanding of how the world around them works as well as their impact on their surroundings. Students will be engaged in a wide array of learning environments including lectures, group work, laboratory lessons, and projects. At AIS-S there is an importance placed on developing relationships and collaborative learning and therefore project based learning is a focus of the science department.

The science department at AIS-Salzburg believes that science is one of the most important subject areas with regards to providing students with the skills of critical thinking and real world problem solving and is therefore considered one of the core subject areas. All students at AIS-Salzburg must be enrolled in at least one full-credit science course each year in the seventh and eight grades, and complete a minimum of three academic credits in science in grades nine through twelve.

Students begin with junior high science in grades 7 and 8 and work their way through high school covering the main core sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science) until they are prepared to take an AP science exam in their senior year. Students will continue to build on their previous classes and knowledge as they move their way through the science department towards graduation.