Each spring, the entire student body, administration, faculty and resident staff participate in a day-on sports festival held at the Rif sports center and all academic courses are suspended for the day. Teams which include students and staff members are organized and a wide variety of sports and events are organized for competition. Point totals are collected for each team and a winner and runner-up is announced at the end of the day with the Sports Festival Cup awarded to the winning team, giving them bragging rights until next years’ festival.

Although the actual listing of events may be altered slightly from year to year, the Sports Festival includes competition in team sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball, as well as individual track and field events such as the 100, 200 and 400 meter races, long jump, high jump, and various relays. A few fun events are also scheduled such as the egg-and-spoon race, wheelbarrow race, and the infamous bat spin.