At AIS-Salzburg we hope to improve the quality of the weekend activities through the inclusion of a number of clubs and optional activities that would involve participation on a more regular basis. These clubs and extracurricular activities should address student and parent interests more directly and, we hope, lead to a more meaningful experience for all boarders and day students while enrolled at AIS-Salzburg. The first part of the information below concerns the club activities which require student commitment annually. Please look over the various clubs offered, and the information explaining what students should expect to experience in each club. Most clubs will schedule activities at the rate of 2 events per month throughout the school year. The club listing changes annually and will, of course, depend upon sufficient student interest and registration.

Further, the school would like to offer a number of activities and extracurricular programs and events that would hopefully coincide with student and parent interest which are of a voluntary nature. These will be offered throughout the school year and are intended to provide greater assistance and support in areas of individual interest and talent. These include membership in a local fitness club, extracurricular competitive dance, and the Salzburg Concert Series for those who like classical music.