Overview of D.V.A.C.

In addition to regular friendly sporting competitions against schools and clubs in Munich and Austria, AIS-Salzburg also is a member of the Danube Athletic Athletic Conference (DVAC).

The Danube Valley Athletic Conference was established in the spring of 2009 following a meeting of the Athletic Directors from numerous international high schools in central Europe. The league was created with the concept of forming athletic events at the middle school, junior varsity, and varsity levels. The league has grown from 9 to 12 members consisting of schools in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

AIS-Salzburg athletes have opportunity to play a variety of team and individual sports within the offerings of D.V.A.C.

DVAC Event Permission Form

To register your child for this school year’s events, please fill out this DVAC Event Permission form: LINK.

D.V.A.C. Competitions AIS-Salzburg Participates In

Trimester Competitions
Fall Trimester

  • Boys soccer
  • Girls volleyball
  • Girls junior varsity volleyball*
  • Boys volleyball*
  • Cross country*
  • Winter Trimester

  • Boys basketball
  • Girls varsity basketball
  • Girls junior varsity basketball*
  • Spring Trimester

  • Middle school girls volleyball*
  • Tennis
  • Softball*
  • Golf*
  • * = Participation in these events is dependent on student enrollment and staffing capability.

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