Career Opportunities

The American International School-Salzburg is an independent, private, co-educational, non-denominational boarding- and-day school serving students and parents in Salzburg, Austria and around the world. AIS-Salzburg is governed by a board of directors which includes three of the school administrators. The governing board meets on a regular basis and approves all employment contracts and contract extensions.

The school has a traditional outlook towards secondary education and offers a challenging, college-preparatory, U.S.- diploma curriculum to students from over 25 countries in grades seven through twelve with emphasis on Advanced Placement course work. AIS-Salzburg has been in operation since 1976 and enjoys an excellent reputation.

The American International School Salzburg invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for the following openings in 2017-2018.

Residential Life

Candidates for a Resident Assistant position at AIS-Salzburg may be of any nationality, race, creed, or sex. They must have a BA or BS degree or the equivalent from an American or UK university and should have some experience caring for adolescents in a boarding/camp setting. The school prefers candidates who have significant athletics experience, previous boarding experience or supervision in a boarding setting, teaching certification, and German-language proficiency.

The primary responsibility of the Resident Assistant is providing for the health, safety, and well-being of the young people who have been placed into our care and are resident at AIS-Salzburg. Any and all duties related to the parenting of young teens should be considered elemental to this assignment. All Resident Assistants are required to live on campus, teach physical education courses, and have the interest, background, and qualifications for providing appropriate guidance and care for all boarding students at the school.

Resident Assistants are responsible for supporting, communicating, and enforcing the school’s stated mission and educational principles, curricular goals, administrative policies, decisions, and directives. Essential elements to the responsibilities of the position of Resident Assistant include:

  • Organizing, planning, and leading weekend activities, various events, and one school excursion.
  • Monitoring and guiding each student’s academic and social progress.
  • Establishing and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to the development of appropriate social and study skills.
  • Supporting and enforcing the school’s expectations with regard to student behavior appropriately and thoughtfully.
  • Communicating with parents, teaching faculty, and school administrators in an appropriate, timely, and considerate manner.
  • Coaching a sport in area of competency and experience.
  • Teaching two periods of physical education per week in an area of competence.
  • Substitute teaching when required.
  • Running errands for the school.
  • Operating school vehicles safely and responsibly.
  • Staffing the resident’s office as well as supervision of the school library and computer lab.
  • Cooperation, support, and communication with all other resident staff members and the administration.

The employee is additionally committed to carrying out other professional services and duties associated with this position with reference to the AIS-Salzburg Resident Handbook, the AIS-Salzburg Faculty Handbook, as well as the directives of the school administration. Appropriate planning, evaluation and development of programming and planning, the professional evaluation of students, and appropriate communication with parents, other staff members, and the school administration are considered essential requirements of the position.

Job Availability

Role Description: The American International School Salzburg’s Summer Language Program invites students from all over the world to live and learn on our campus here in Salzburg. The Resident Assistants (RA’s) make up the majority of the Resident Life Program responsible for these students each day after lessons (Monday-Friday) and on the weekends. The Resident Assistant role is a live-in position that combines on-duty and on-call hours that, as an entire staff, encompasses around the clock care of the boarding students. Duties include: leading off-campus activities in and around Salzburg, being responsible for the well-being of our students throughout their on-call/on-duty times, creating a safe and exciting environment for our students, making any pastoral decisions necessary to care for the students while in our care, among others. It is a fun, engaging, and demanding position that requires a great deal of energy and responsibility. All activities are lead in both English and German.

Qualifications: University student or graduate. Spoken English and German language proficiency. Previous experience in summer camps or similar work with children preferred.

Work Dates: July 07-August 18, 2018

Contact Information: Louis Suttmann

Teaching Faculty

Candidates for a faculty position at AIS-Salzburg may be of any nationality, race, creed, or sex. They must have a BA or BS degree or the equivalent and should have a least two years of secondary-school teaching experience at institutions in which English is the language of instruction. The school prefers candidates who have familiarity with the AP program, an advanced degree, teacher’s certification, boarding-school teaching experience, and German-language proficiency.

The teaching faculty at AIS-Salzburg are responsible for academic instruction to all students within the parameters of the school’s mission and beliefs, academic curriculum, board policies, and administrative directives. Candidates should not only be aware of the school’s mission and philosophy, but be in strong agreement with it and be willing to support and further these daily. It is expected that the faculty’s energies, talents, and experience be directed toward instructional excellence and outstanding preparation for the further studies of our students.

Job Availability

There are currently no faculty positions available for the 2017-2018 school year.


We welcome year-round expressions of interest at the American International School Salzburg. Please submit a cover letter and CV/resume stating the position(s) for which you are applying to: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.