A Preview Into 2021-2022 School Year

April 18, 2021

The upcoming, 2021-2022 school year promises to be a very exciting and vital one, full of new school community members, new opportunities and new possibilities.  Following the many disturbances and restrictions the Covid-19 outbreak made requisite, we are looking forward to a return to a school year without masks, without testing, without movement restrictions and distancing requirements.  In short, a normal school year full of extraordinary challenges, opportunities, experiences and growth in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.  What a pleasure it will be to see this school community able to spread its wings again and our students experience the full measure of an educational experience in Salzburg as it is intended.
No new school year is the same as the last and change is considered a constant in our endeavors.  2021-2022 will be no different.  Here’s an overview of what’s new in ’21-’22:

The student body will be increased in size by between 20% and 25%.  

Although only a rough prediction presently, the numbers of applications and inquiries this spring has been very strong and we are presently increasing the student body size with each new acceptance.  Just this week, another three student applications were accepted for enrollment in September.

The senior class of ’22 is expected to be one of the larger senior classes in recent years. 

With 26 students in grade 11 this year and another four students presently accepted to join in September, we are predicting a senior class of between 29 and 32 students.  To guarantee the quality of instruction and personal attention required to successfully guide our seniors through their very challenging schedule, we have created a master schedule which will divide them in to groups of around 12 to 17 students.  In order to accomplish this, new course options will be presented the seniors including AP Psychology and English 12 Literature and Composition.  

Plans are being laid to expand our current travel programming. 

There will be two options minimally for the Fall Excursion from October 20-24, 2021, and the Junior Community Service Trip will not coincide with the Fall Excursion so that all 11th grade students may participate in both.  Additionally, two options will be available for the winter Excursion in February, 2022 and a set of new, overnight weekend travel opportunities are presently being discussed and details worked out.  On top of these travel possibilities, the school administration is going to offer a trip over Spring Break for those students who may chose to remain here at the school.  Finally, the administration is also carrying out preliminary discussion concerning the expansion of our academic syllabi to include appropriate and relevant travel opportunities.  As the details solidify, we will be sending further information to all community members this spring.

There will be many team and individual sporting competitions scheduled. 

With an entire year of non-competition within the Danube Valley Athletic Conference (DVAC), the 13 school members are poised to release a robust schedule for the 2021-2022 school year for both individual and team sports. 

In addition to the DVAC events, AIS-Salzburg will be hosting a multi-school volleyball tournament in October and our 30th Annual Jamboree Basketball Tournament for boys’ and girls’ teams will kick off in early March, 2022.  Mr. Burns, the Athletic Director, has a number of other competition/travel surprises in the pipeline as well…  

New staff members will also be complementing both our teaching faculty and resident-care staff. 

A new full-time English position has been created and the school administration is currently interviewing qualified candidates.  Further, AIS-Salzburg will be hiring two new German and foreign language teachers to accommodate the increased numbers and doubled sections of German I, German II and German III.  

New resident staff members are also currently being contracted to complement the returning resident assistants and dorm parents led by Ms. Baehler.

The daily schedule will be adjusted to accommodate new numbers and course offerings. 

We will be returning to a 7-period schedule and will need to push back the start of the day to 08:30 instead of 09:00.  With 50-minute periods generally, students will be released a bit earlier, at 15:30 each afternoon.  The finishing touches should be put on the master schedule in the coming days and the details worked out soon.

Despite these changes, AIS-Salzburg will continue to do what it does best in providing a truly challenging, college-preparatory education to students from around the world in a familiar environment that accommodates the entire student as a learner, a community member, and a future citizen of the world.