Teacher Spotlight: Max Leicher

September 24, 2020

Originally hired as a Resident Assistant in 2017, Max Leicher soon found himself employed as a science teacher and today is the head of the Science Department.

At 27, Max is the youngest of our teaching faculty and brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the classroom. He is also a big part of the team at AIS-Salzburg responsible for the continued transition to online teaching and technology upgrades at the school.

Max’s age and experience as a Resident Assistant make him more relatable to his students and also make him a valuable asset in strengthening communications between resident staff and teaching faculty.

As much energy as Max brings to the classroom he also brings outside of the classroom, whether volunteering his time to lead a group on a weekend activity or helping out with scorekeeping a basketball game. Max is a consistent, positive presence at the school making him one of the most popular teachers with the students.

We are hopeful that Max continues to stay on at AIS-Salzburg as a science teacher for years to come!