What year or years did you attend AIS-Salzburg and at what grade levels? 

My father enrolled me in the Summer English Language program of 2002. I was still too young to attend even Junior High. In 2003, I did another summer language course and consequently began my studies in AIS-Salzburg as a boarding student. In May 2009, I graduated after six years at the Moosstrasse 106.

What is your fondest memory of attending AIS-Salzburg?

The people. All the memories I have at the school are associated first and foremost with the many people I met and made friends with. The diversity that AIS-Salzburg provides, is a rare opportunity to expand your horizons, from a young age, and be able to learn many other values from the different cultures.

Boris in the middle, orange jacket

Have you remained in contact with any former AIS-Salzburg classmates?

Yes, I have done so. Although distances are great, we can be thankful we live in the Information Age, and communicating has never been easier.

What have you done academically since graduating from AIS-Salzburg? 

After AIS, I attended the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. That did not go as planned, but I am glad I learned how to live up north. Next up, Vienna. In the Hauptuni, I did my Bachelors in Politics. After I ended my time in Vienna, I returned to Bulgaria to do my Masters, in Political Security. Through 2018-2019, I managed to complete my Masters, and now I am doing a doctor’s degree, again in Politics – Astropolitics.

What aspects of your education at AIS-Salzburg best assisted you in further academics and/or professionally?

The well-rounded curriculum, the study organization (study hall and etc.) are just a few simple aspects that one never suspects how much, later in life, it prepares him to deal with other institution such as a university.

Are there any personal accomplishments since graduating that you want to share?

I do not know how much of an accomplishment it is, but I have been published twice by different publishing houses, for my work about Astropolitics (link).

Are there particular AIS-Salzburg moments or memories that have stayed with you over the years?

This is a very hard question. Too many memories indeed for the time spent. But, the football tournaments abroad, the ski trips, the yearly trips to different locations in Europe. Those are just some of the many that really stick out in my head. 

Do you have any advice for students at AIS-Salzburg or applicants to the school?

Enjoy your time. Enjoy your time at the school with your schoolmates. Do not hurry to grow up and get out. There are too many things that enter life once you graduate. So enjoy your youth, enjoy your friends, and enjoy life.

Mr. Agardy has been teaching at AIS-Salzburg since 1986 and a recent post on our Facebook page featuring him produced 28 comments and counting. Here are just a few:

“A fantastic person and a great teacher. I had world history, U.S. history and European history with him. I loved every class.”

Monika Anderson Cubellina Lajhner

“Mr. Agardy is a wonderful teacher. I still have a passion for European History after his class in 1990!”

Marianna Zielinski Pink

“Great Teacher! I always enjoyed his class and still enjoy European history today.”

Laura Jurgens

Please enjoy this video interview with Mr. Agardy as he speaks about his role at the school, what he enjoys most about teaching and finishes off with some insight into why graduates of AIS-Salzburg benefit from the AP Program at the school.

The 2019, 29th Annual, AIS-Salzburg Boys & Girls Basketball Jamboree was another success despite our teams falling short of their Jamboree goals.

Given the lack of practical experience, our boys team were the heavy underdogs going into the event. Despite their disadvantage, the boys fought hard and did not give up throughout the tournament, finishing in last place.

Our girls team had higher expectations going into the tournament, with the starting lineup having a combined 18 years of experience playing the game, all at AIS-Salzburg. Unfortunately, the girls were not able to re-gain their form which helped them bring home second place at the DVAC Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament a month earlier. Playing with only 6 players, the girls looked fatigued in the semi-final against a scrappy QSI-Bratislava team whom they narrowly beat the day before.

Congratulations the Townshend International School who in their first Jamboree managed to win the boys championship. Also congratulations to the British International School of Bratislava who won their first ever girls side of Jamboree!

Below are the PDF results and the tournament program which you can flip through.

Jamboree Results 2019

Jamboree 2019 program