How it works

P.E. instructors, teachers and even some special guests submit physical challenges to students of AIS-Salzburg to complete for P.E. points. Students can pick and choose which challenges they want to complete. Students must accumulate a minimum of 40 points per week. Google Classroom (code 3vmt2kr) will be used to communicate and to answer questions. 

Challenges Explained

  • The challenger (Resident staff, Teacher, Guest Coaches) will either submit a video challenge or schedule a live stream challenge on Zoom. These challenges are listed in the challenge spreadsheet list below. 
  • Video challenges will be hyper-linked to the video within the challenge spreadsheet below.
  • Challenges will be categorized as follows: Strength, Endurance, Agility/Speed, Flexibility, Core, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball,  and other.
  • Video challenge playlists according to category can also be found on this Youtube cannel (link). 
  • Challenges vary in difficulty and length and therefore points awarded will vary. 
  • If you find a challenge is too difficult, take breaks or use suggested variations and still receive full points!
  • The list of challenge options will grow every week. 

Update: *If you have your own activity that you enjoy doing that is not on the list, of course, you can do that instead! We just need verification (see below for more detail).  

Verification of Challenge Completion

  • To verify that a challenge has been completed, students are required to submit 10-30 second video clip of each task in a challenge. If you do not want to record yourself, there are P.E. Challenges that do not require video verification. These are running, walking, biking and hiking with the Strava App and the Zoom workouts.
    Also, know that any video submitted as a verification is not shared or published online without your prior consent. 
  • For endurance challenges such as running or biking, student must submit a screenshot of the Strava App (Download app). 
  • Students should send video verification to their assigned instructor by email or using

Weekly Challenge Periods

  • Students must accumulate 40 points each week
  • The week begins every Monday morning and ends every Sunday evening.
  • Challenge completion verifications can be submitted at any time during the week. 
  • All verifications must be submitted before Sunday evening at 20:00 Central European Time to qualify for that week.
  • UPDATED: If students do not complete enough challenges for the 40 point minimum in any given week, they may complete extra challenges in the following week (and ONLY in the following week) to bring that score up to 40. 
  • UPDATED: Students who accumulate more than the minimum 40 points each week may use those additional points for future weeks if they choose. 

Bonus Points

  • Students who complete more challenges than the minimum weekly requirement of 40 points will accumulate bonus points.
  • Up to 40 bonus points can be used for previous weeks where the 40 point quota was not met OR banked for future use within the “at home” education period. 
  • At the end of the “at home” education period, students can use any remaining bonus points to purchase special privileges or prizes upon return to the school.  These privileges and prizes will be announced at a later date.

Challenge List


Video Challenges Playlist