New AP® Precalculus Course at AIS-Salzburg Eases College Entry 

June 6, 2023

There is some great news for future AIS-Salzburg graduates who do not have the strongest mathematics background but are able to apply themselves:  the new AP® Precalculus course. Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, students can take Advanced Placement® Precalculus —a much less demanding mathematics course than AP® Calculus AB or BC— which allows them the opportunity to earn college credit as well as improve their applications to the colleges and universities of their choice. The completion of the AP® Precalculus course counts as a math credit at many colleges and universities, including the majority of public institutions. At highly selective schools, Precalculus is not considered a college class and thus students can not earn college credit for AP® Precalculus. Nevertheless, students taking this course will be well prepared for AP® Calculus or a Calculus course at their college or university, as well as other math and science courses.

Students of AP® Precalculus will have access to free, digital learning and practice resources, not to mention daily classes and after-school tutorials with our great mathematics teacher, Mr. Lichty. It goes without saying, even those who find they are not the most talented at math, will have all of the resources at AIS-Salzburg available to pass the course.