Miss Baehler Explains the New Weekend Program

October 2, 2020

What are some of the changes have you made to the weekend program this school year? 

Baehler: This year, we have changed our focus from offering various, shorter weekend activities that promoted a certain level of activeness to a weekend program that provides students with high-quality experiences and challenges. For example, we have increased our number of hikes as well as taken more advantage of the surrounding lakes and forests. With more high-quality activities being offered alongside other optional weekend programming, students’ participation and enthusiasm in the various weekend programming has increased tremendously. It has also provided students with the opportunity to experience different challenges each weekend and leaves them the feeling of accomplishment. After all, climbing the Untersberg or the Gaisberg is not an easy or small task. 

Students at the top of the Gaisberg


How is the participation level in weekend activities so far given the reduction to only one mandatory activity? 

Baehler: With the weekend activities requirement changing from three to one, we have seen an increase in student participation among the various, optional weekend programming offered. For example, more students are likely to sign up for activities based on pure interest rather than the simple fact that they have to in order to fulfill their course requirement. This leads to students spending more time with each other doing the things they like to do and allows for them to form friendships and bonds outside of the classroom.

Optional Weekend Activity Jam Session


Can you summarize the video tasks that the Dorm Houses will be competing in? 

Baehler: We recently introduced a biweekly video competition for our houses to compete in. Every 1st and 15th of each month, a task will be posted for the houses to complete. Our first task for October challenges our students to re-enact a scene from a well-known movie, adding a modern-day spin to the scene. The videos will be judged based on creativity, completion of the task at-hand, the number of house members involved, on-time submission of videos to our school’s Instagram page and the effort put into each video. The winning video will earn 100 points for its house property value, which can easily put a house in the lead. These video tasks are not limited to the houses, and faculty and staff are encouraged to participate as well.