Meet Our New Resident Assistant: Matt DeKyger

September 17, 2020

Where are you from?

I grew up in Fremont, Michigan, USA. It is on the west side of the state near Lake Michigan. 


What is your academic background?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Social Studies and History with a Minor in Kinesiology.


Do you have any prior experience working with teenagers or in education?

I have been working with young athletes for big parts of the past 4+ years at a youth soccer club in Chicago, Illinois.


Have you lived or travelled abroad before?

I have been blessed to travel quite a bit so far, including many different regions of the USA, which is so vast compared to Europe. I have also spent parts of 3 years living in Sweden playing semi-professional soccer. My favorite places so far are Bergen, Norway and Sevilla, Spain.



What attracted you to the job at AIS-Salzburg?

Having passed through Salzburg and falling in love with the area’s natural beauty, I was excited to look for and find a job in the area. Plus, having a girlfriend who studies at the local University didn’t hurt either! Additionally, it was a chance to work with students and get to meet lots of new people from different cultures. 


What are your first impressions of the small AIS-Salzburg community? 

Having attended a small high school myself, I can appreciate the close-knit community a small school builds. It is exciting to see students build friendships with other students who are not their same age or grade – something that I’ve noticed doesn’t quite happen as frequently in bigger schools. The students are friendly and have been extremely welcoming. I’m excited for the rest of the year!