Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Agardy

February 22, 2020

Mr. Agardy has been teaching at AIS-Salzburg since 1986 and a recent post on our Facebook page featuring him produced 28 comments and counting. Here are just a few:

“A fantastic person and a great teacher. I had world history, U.S. history and European history with him. I loved every class.”

Monika Anderson Cubellina Lajhner

“Mr. Agardy is a wonderful teacher. I still have a passion for European History after his class in 1990!”

Marianna Zielinski Pink

“Great Teacher! I always enjoyed his class and still enjoy European history today.”

Laura Jurgens

Please enjoy this video interview with Mr. Agardy as he speaks about his role at the school, what he enjoys most about teaching and finishes off with some insight into why graduates of AIS-Salzburg benefit from the AP Program at the school.