In the Classroom: Physics, Biology and P.E.

October 8, 2021

The physics class recently conducted research on the physics of Mario Kart Wii. Students had to first determine the track lengths from online information about “Ghost Times” and the speed of the cart. From there, they raced each other while measuring the time per lap. Finally, the students applied this data to answer questions about displacement, distance, velocity, and acceleration.

Both of our biology classes pulled out the microscope this past week. In Advanced Placement Biology, students investigated plasmolysis in elodea leaves while in Biology, students learned the proper care, usage, and handling of compound light microscopes. They viewed slides of material that will be covered later on in the year.

Over the course of the past three weeks in Physical Education, the assigned focus for our instructors was on fitness or athletics, bodyweight workouts and resistance workouts. Although not the most popular unit for our students, they all learned the benefits and potential risks of the three different styles of exercise. Pictured below—from top to bottom—are CrossFit workouts, partner workouts and bouldering.