In the Classroom: AP Biology, Chemistry, Math and P.E.

October 22, 2021

Recently, AP Biology students explored enzyme activity and the factors influencing reaction rates. One student acted as the enzyme ‘toothpickase’ and set about catalyzing reactions (breaking toothpicks) under a variety of conditions simulating changes in pH concetrations, temperature, enzyme and substrate concentration and competitive inhibition. The temperature change was the one most anticipated as the student enzymes put their hands in an ice bath for two minutes prior to getting to work.

In Chemistry class, students were divided into groups to investigatee the relationship between grams, moles, and atoms.

Senior math students created probability games and calculated the theoretical probability of the outcomes of those games then invited junior high students to play. Afterwards, seniors compared the theoretical probability with the experimental probability.  

During physical education, the girls’ volleyball team took advantage of unusually warm weather to play some beach volleyball, P.E. instructor Molly took her class outside for street hockey, Adam smiles ear-to-ear about the first session of swimming, and grade 10 and 11 students work on their pushup form.