Bike & Run Series: The Hellbrunner Loop Video Tour

November 11, 2021

The Hellbrunner Loop is a scenic route that is easily accessible from the doorstep of our school.  Cyclists and runners make their way to the Almkanal from the Moosstrasse and turn south on the pathway alongside the Almkanal heading towards the towering Untersberg.  The two+ kilometer-long pathway provides for some breathtaking views and passes by the ever-active Almkanal surfers at the man-made training wave titled “Surfwelle am Almkanal“. 

At the pathway end, there is a transition to an old farm road—Keltenallee—that connects the Almkanal to Hellbrunn, and features spectacular views of Salzburg farmland landscape and the Untersberg in the background.

Once arriving at Hellbrunn Palace, there is a northbound turn down the tree-lined Hellbrunner Allee in the direction of the Hohensalzburg Fortress that stretches 2.8 kilometers. This leg of the loop is most impressive in the fall as colorful leaves make up the footbed of the pathway. 

After reaching the foot of the Fortress, another path leads back towards the school through the Hans-Donnenberg-Park, eventually meeting up with the north end of the Almkanal.  After a few hundred meters south on the Almkanal pathway—heading away from the fortress—a small bridge on the right appears which leads to Leopoldskron lake which stretches out from Leopoldskron Palace. This beautiful, still stretch of water and numerous, nearby benches, provide a peaceful setting and perfect place to stop for a quick stretch before the final leg of the loop back to the school.

Approximately 80% of the Hellbrunner loop is made up of pathways that are closed to traffic. Cyclists can complete the loop in approximately 50 minutes.

We invite you to watch the GoPro highlight video below of the Hellbrunner Loop which we filmed in late October 2021.