AIS-Salzburg House Competitions

March 2, 2020

The House system at AIS-Salzburg was first introduced this year as a rewards system for our students. It is a way to encourage, recognize and reward positive and overall good behavior in our dormitories. The house scores are compiled of each house member’s study hall grades, healthy lifestyle points and involvement in our school’s community (member of student council, member of a sports team, etc.). 

At each midterm, the house scores are evaluated, and the house with the highest score receives the following privileges for the remaining part of the trimester: a one-hour curfew extension on Fridays and the ability to keep his or her laptop on Sunday evenings.

The House Competitions, which take place at the end of each trimester, are an opportunity for house members to work together in order to win the House Cup Trophy. The house that wins these competitions receives bragging rights, a pizza party, a 50-point head start at the beginning of the next trimester and the privileges of a one-hour curfew extension on Fridays and the ability to keep his or her laptop on Sunday evenings for the first three weeks of the following trimester. 

The House System, as well as House Competitions, were introduced primarily as a rewards system for our students and provide an additional sense of community within our boarding school. 

Winter House Competitions

For our Winter Trimester House competitions, our theme was Brain Power. Students needed to work together to solve different riddles and puzzles. Our first house competition consisted of three different puzzles and riddles: a month riddle, the Einstein riddle and two sudokus. Together, each house had 60 minutes to correctly complete as many of the puzzles and riddles as possible. 

Our second house competition was a Classic Trivia, which focused on information from all subjects taught here at AIS-Salzburg. Similar to any trivia, each house needed to work together to correctly answer each question. 

Our third house competition was an Escape Room, which was handcrafted by one of our female resident assistants Sam. The theme of our escape room was Time Travel. Each house needed to solve different puzzles in order to travel from the 15th century to the 21st century. Once they successfully solved all of the puzzles in the various centuries, they were able to escape the vortex and return home to AIS Salzburg.