Introduction and Overview

American International School in Salzburg. Foto: Andreas Kolarik, 26.09.14

Since the establishment of the American International School-Salzburg in 1976 thousands of young people from all over the world have combined a challenging and rigorous academic program with the chance to live and study in Salzburg, Austria. While living abroad can be an education in its own right, the American International School-Salzburg offers a very solid, college-preparatory program which leads to the awarding of an American high school diploma with AP credentials.

The curricular program of the school is maintained and regularly evaluated by the school’s administration, teaching faculty, and resident-care staff. It complies fully with AP-program guidelines and our policies, teaching materials, and approach to teaching remain consistent with most accredited independent schools in the United States and worldwide. The language of instruction at our school is English and most of the teaching faculty and resident-care staff members are US citizens and native English speakers. Given our historical and educational orientation, it should not be surprising that our students participate in a program which will provide excellent preparation for entrance to universities and colleges in North America.

Students interested in studying abroad upon graduation from AIS-Salzburg are also served by our curricular program and Advanced Placement® examinations. Graduates of AIS-Salzburg meet the requirements of and gain entrance to colleges and universities in Great Britain, continental Europe, the Far East, and all over the world. The key to equivalency with local school diplomas lies with the Advanced Placement® program of examinations which students may take each spring. The American high-school diploma plus a number of Advanced Placement® examinations with appropriate scores can open the doors to nearly any university program anywhere in the world.

What does distinguish AIS-Salzburg form other American independent boarding schools is the fact that our students and setting are quite international. Given this, the school takes pains to provide a level of English language, literature, composition, and communication skills which will be adequate for those entering university studies in English-language programs following graduation. Each year, all students are required to enroll in two full-time English courses, one of which focuses on fiction literature, composition, vocabulary, and language mechanics, while the second section addresses nonfiction writing, further composition, and communication skills such as formal speaking and listening. As of grade 12, students may opt to take Advanced Placement® English Literature or the regular 12th grade literature and composition course. Students who encounter difficulties in our regular English courses are assigned individual or small-group tutoring during the same class period until their language competency level is sufficient for success.