2020 Seniors Share University Plans

May 13, 2020

This year we have 17 more seniors that we will be sending off to the real world. Some have been at our school for 6 years and others recently joined for their senior year. In total, our Graduation Class of 2020 represents 11 different nations.

Danila S., Valedictorian - Russia


“I have been accepted to multiple universities, like Fordham, NYU in Shanghai, CUNY, TCNJ, NYIT, University of Amsterdam and others. I am planning to attend the University of Amsterdam where I will study Economics and Business Economics.”

Julia M., Salutatorian - U.S.A/Germany


“I am taking a gap year and the universities I intend to apply to currently do not accept referrals. I am guessing I will end up in Sweden but who knows!”

Nicol C., ECIS Award Winner - Austria / Russia / Colombia

Csery, Nicol

“I plan to study communication and I am applying to the universities in Vienna and Salzburg. However, I don’t know for sure yet where I will go because in Austria you need to first finish your diploma before applying.”

Marina B. - Bulgaria/Belgium


“Starting in fall of 2020 I will be studying Public Relations and Media at the University of Arts London.”

Eliza D. - Bulgaria


“I have been accepted to NHL Stenden University which is the only university that I applied to since it is the only place where I am certain I can grow as an individual and contribute to the global community. I truly believe studying in this university will help me achieve my goal, which is to have a successful career in International Hospitality Management.”

Laetitia F. - Austria


“I plan to study medicine because it has been always my dream to become a surgeon and help save lives. I have not been accepted to any universities yet because the entry tests are in June. However, I have applied to PMU in Salzburg.”

Javier G. - Mexico


“I’ve committed to the Panamerican University of Guadalajara Mexico to study Business Administration because it’s the career path that I find most interesting.”

Nadia H. - Austria/Poland


“I plan to study creative business and media management because I would like to work in the marketing field in the future. I am still waiting for a reply from a university, but I am particularly awaiting for NHL Stenden University to reply.”

Tijana I. - Serbia


“I will be studying International Business at Webster University in Vienna but I have also been accepted to the Birkbeck University of London, Greenwich University and Metropolitan University.”

Yoan I. - Bulgaria


“So far I have been accepted to four universities in the UK. I have committed to Oxford Brookes University and Birmingham City University is my back up choice. I plan to study Business and Management because I am interested in managing a company, preferably something in the Marine industry.”

Grace J. - U.S.A.


“I’m not sure what I want to study in college, which is why I’m going to take a gap year. I plan to work and make money and think about college. Hopefully, the time will help me make the right decision about where I want to study and what I want to study.”

Mark K. - Ukraine


“I have been accepted to EU Business School Geneva where I plan to study finance since I like to work with numbers and find it very interesting.”

Elena P. - Russia


“I’ve been accepted to Fordham University, Seattle University, University of San Fransisco, UMass Amherst, and Skidmore College and I have committed to Fordham University.  I plan to major in International Studies because growing up in an international school with more than 15 different nationalities represented made me interested in global, international interactions. I am also minoring in Creative Writing because it has always been a passion of mine since I discovered it in my first year at AIS-Salzburg.”

Emmanouil S. - Greece


“I was accepted to Business School Geneva, American University of Switzerland, and Globe Business College Munich. I plan to study Business Administration because I love dealing with economics.”

Noa S. - Germany


“My plan after AIS-Salzburg is to study international business management, with the hope to eventually get a position as a sales director in the automobile industry. I am in contact with three universities at the moment, of which two are in Germany and one in the Netherlands.”

Desard S. - Albania


“I am still waiting for responses from the Universities I have applied to. I am unsure yet what I want to study and it is unlikely I will decide in the near future. I will probably try architecture for a year and see how I like it.”

Madeline T. - U.S.A.


“I have been accepted to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs where I will major in Psychology and Biology with the plan to become a Neuropsychologist.”