2020-2021 Student Council Update

October 26, 2020

This school year we had enough interest from several students to hold an actual election for the four positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. As part of their campaigns, each candidate was asked to hold a 2-minute speech at one of our school’s hall meetings and then participate in a 5-minute Q&A. Some of the major questions from the student body dealt with day-to-day life, the student lounge and the various ways to counterbalance some restrictions in place due to CoVid19. All candidates did a tremendous job and should be proud of themselves for holding such great campaigns. 

In our first student council meeting post elections, students discussed the upcoming activities and fundraising events to help sponsor a school Halloween dance. Some of the proposed ideas were a bake sale as well as a gaming tournament with a buy-in of 5€. The student council also discussed the current community service opportunity ‘Operation Christmas Child’ as well as other opportunities available. On our agenda for next week, we will work on prioritizing a list of suggestions from students on ways to counterbalance this year’s changes due to CoVid19 as well as other weekend programming students can participate in.